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SchoolSphere is a publishing system that enables all members of your school community to easily post text, audio, images and video to your school website.

  • Teacher Pages

Teacher Pages allow your school’s website to belong to the entire school community, rather than just one or two people.

SchoolSphere’s sites allow every teacher on staff to have their own teacher page that they can use to post homework, memos, image galleries, audio recordings and video.

  • Easy to Use

If there is one thing teachers don’t have a lot of, it is time. With all of the demands placed on them day to day, teachers can feel overwhelmed by the demands placed on their time.

If teachers are to be expected to contribute to their school’s website, it needs to be fast and easy. SchoolSphere is intuitive for teachers to use and requires little to no training or professional development to start posting content.

  • Control Your Content

While there are many free services, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, that will allow you to share your content, by accepting their terms of use, you maybe sacrificing some control over your content. Your school retains ownership of all content uploaded to your SchoolSphere site. You decide what gets posted and what gets removed. For Canadian clients, our servers are Canadian owned so your data stays in Canada.

  • Showcase Your Media

The SchoolSphere system allows teachers to quickly upload images, audio and video. Images display in elegant, responsive galleries. Audio files play directly on the site. Videos are converted to a web-friendly format and play in an inline player.

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